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This web site of the Mitsubishi UFJ Trust Scholarship Foundation (=the Site) is to introduce the programs of the Foundation to the public and to help scholarship students, researchers who receive grants from the Foundation mutually exchange information among them. When viewing or refer to the site please note the following points.


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Copyrights & etc.

  1. Copyrights of designs, writings, essays, pictures, photos, movies, images, materials, sounds, etc. appeared on the Site belong to the Foundation or original authors or artists and are protected by laws. A picture of an individual person is also protected as "portait rights".
  2. Contents on the Site should not be copied or reproduced without prior approval of the Foundation unless for the purpose of personal reference.
  3. Commercial use of the contents on the Site should be declined.
  4. Contents on the Site should not be altered or changed directly. 
  5. Downloaded or printed contents of the Site should not be distributed, circulated and displayed, if they are altered or changed any part of the original.
  6. Writings or materials, etc., on the Site are carefully examined by the Foundation before uploaded nevetherless the Foundation does not guarantee the correctness of the contents of such listings. 
  7. Programs, Scholarships, Grants of the Foundation are introduced on the Site. It does not mean any possibility of such payment of scholarships or grants in the future.
    Please note the Foundation assume no responsibility or liability for trouble, loss or damage through the information of the contents on the Site. 
  8. The Foundation respects trade marks or names of foundations, companies, corporations and their products that are protected by laws and the Foundation has no intention to violate them, although there may be any reference for such trade names, etc., on the Site for the purpose of simple convenience of rerference.  


Links to the Site

  1. Any person may freely set up links on his/her web pages to the Site if linked to the Top Page of the Site (https://www.scholarship.or.jp) and subject to the following condition.
    1. there is no illegal contents on the pages
    2. the contents on the pages follow public order and standards of decency
    3. the contents on the pages do not (include enen possibility or inducement of) abuse the Foundation, endower, scholarship students, alumni, recipient of grants, nominated universities of the Foundation, and/or the third party
    4. the contents on the pages do not violate or poach human rights or other rights of the Foundation or the third party
    If linked, it is appreciated if the person could notify the Foundation of the link with name and e-mail address of the administrator, etc. to the address below.
  2. Regardless of above, the Foundation reserves its right to reject to be linked if the Foundation considers it is improper.
  3. The Foundation may alter the contents from time to time without any prior notice, disregard of existence of advise of linkage by the administrator of the linked pages.
    Please note other than the Top Page of the Site, pages linked from outside may be disused. The Foundation has no responsibility for any inconvenience, loss or damage caused, if any, by the alteration or disuse of pages of the Site. 
  4. The Foundation has no responsibility for the contents of the pages linked to or from the Site of the Foundation, or for the contents of any web pages introducing activities, programs of the Foundation outside of this Site. 


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