Composition of Scholarship Students

Composition of the scholarship students is as follows.


Composition by Category

Scholarship Students in 2012 Japanese International Total
Undergraduate 242 15 257
Master's Degree Course  *1 42 12 54
Doctoral Course 12 20 32
Total 296
Note:Special scholarship students and those who declined adoption are not included in the numbers.
*1 includes professional masters course and law school.

Composition by Country of Origin (cumulative total)

Breakdown of scholarship students by nationality is shown in the following graphs.
  • * These graphs show nationalities of international students for the period between the commensment of scholarships for international students in 1984 and September 2012. Nevertheless the students under the special scholarship program are not included.
  • *total of each number may not be accurate because of fractions.

Above graphs show the scholarship students by September 2012 by country of origin.
Among the whole international scholarship students of the Foundation except special scholarship students, the number of Chinese students is overwhelmingly large at 274. The next is Korean, 140 students, followed by students from Taiwan 31, U.S.A. 6, U.K. 6, India 5, Australia, Iran, Mongol, Nepal, Russia, Sri Lanka and Thailand 3, and then each 2 students from Austria, Chile, Peru, Malaysia, Myanmar and Vietnam, in addition, each 1 student from Belgium, Cambodia, Canada, Colombia, Cote d'Ivoir, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Germany, Indonesia, Mexico, Portugal and Republic of Zimbabwe. There are 507 students from 31 countries in total.