Outline of the Scholarship Grant Program


The Foundation celebrated its 60th anniversary of establishment in 2013.
In this half-century, the main project of the Foundation, the scholarship program, showed a remarkable growth. There were only two scholarship students in 1953 when the Foundation was inaugurated, the number has increased gradually and in these 22 years from 1991 to 2013, more than 330 scholarship students have been kept receiving scholarships in each year. (Please refer to the graph below)
The total number of scholarship students by the program year 2013 is 5,734, which includes total number of 636 international students.
The total annual payment by the Foundation for the scholarship was 12,000 yen in the fiscal year 1953. It became around 180 million yen in each year in recent years. The accumulated scholarship amount paid since establishment exceeds 5.1 billion yen.
The financial resources of scholarship are covered by investment of both basic and operating assets.

Progress by Number of Scholarship Students
(for the period of fiscal 1989〜2013)

Adoption of Students

The Foundation administers its scholarship grants under the provisions of "The Rules Concerning Scholarship Students" and "The Rules Concerning Special Scholarship Students from Abroad".
Among the scholarship candidates recommended by 48 nominated universities (cf:"Nominated Universities") in Japan and by 5 international universities for special scholarship students (cf:"Special Scholarship"), the Screening Committee can determine the adoption of scholarship students if the Board of Directors Meeting hands over the authority of decision. The adoption is notified to the candidates through president of each university. In recent years, approximately 140 students in total have been adopted annually.
Eligibility and outline of the scholarship for Japanese and international students (excluding special scholarship students from abroad) are as follows.


  1. As of April in the year of application, the applicant shall be at the grade of sophomore or above of a nominated university and shall have an excellent academic record with a good personality and in good health.
    The applicant shall have difficulty to finance his or her academic costs. (There are also limitations on age and income. Please refer to "On Application" for further information. Please refer to the Japanese page "募集について" for detailed limitations for Japanese applicant.)

  2. The applicant shall be recommended by president of the university.

  3. The applicant shall have the intention of engaging in business or scientific studies as his or her future career.

  4. The applicant shall open a banking account by oneself after adoption in the bank which the Foundation appoints.

  5. The applicant shall give priority to attend the events of the Foundation.

  6. In many universities, social science is the major academic area of application for scholarships, as set out by the Foundation. However, in some universities, academic areas other than social science are also accepted.

Category of Scholarship

Once a student receives payment of scholarship from the Foundation, the student need not return the amount in principle.
Scholarship students of the Foundation may also receive scholarship or grants from other institutions or foundations together. The category and the amount of scholarship of the Foundation are as follows.

Undergraduate studentJ.Yen 35,000/month
Graduate studentJ.Yen 50,000/month
International undergraduate studentJ.Yen 70,000/month
International graduate studentJ.Yen 100,000/month


The duration of scholarship is shortest possible period of regular enrollment up until graduation of the university where the student study, starting from the first semester of the school year in which a decision is made on adoption by the Foundation.

  • The Foundation, believing it important for students to meet people, not only supports scholarship students financially, but also intends to manage activities for advantage of the students by helping them to make good use of time for their study and research or by serving students to play active parts in society after get out into the world in the future.

  • The Foundation helps students through having individual interviews, holding exchange meetings, issuing the annual reports "Scholarship" in order for students to maintain close exchange among themselves or with the board members or staff of the Foundation and to have opportunities to improve themselves through friendly rivalry.

  • Alumnni association of the Foundation was set up in 1996 and interchange parties led by them have been held in each year. We strongly wish that the students would keep in touch with the Foundation even after the payments of scholarships end.

Testimonial of Thanks

Some of the nominated univeresities appreciate the scholarship program and gave the Foundation Testimonial of Thanks in the past.