Grant for Research

Outline of Grant for Research

1. Grant for Research
Although the scale of research grant is not as large as that of scholarship grant, the Foundation has granted a total of 267 million yen to 52 researchers/study groups as of the end of March 2018 since its establishment in 1953. Funds for research grant are covered by yield gained through investment of the Foundation's assets.

Results of Grant for Research (PDF)
(In Japanese)

*numbers on the list is based on disbursement by the Foundation

2. 2018 Research Grants
(1) Name of group: 高齢社会信託研究会
Representative: Professor Makoto Arai, Chuo University
Theme: 高齢社会における信託の理論と実務の国際的研究
Amount: 2.5 million yen
Period: Apr.2018 to Mar. 2019
(2) Name of group: フィンテックと金融法研究会
Representative: Professor Tetsuro Morishita, Sophia University
Theme: フィンテック時代における金融法
Amount: 1.5 million yen
Period: Apr.2018 to Mar. 2019

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